What preparation to be carried out for upcoming class annual survey?

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April 29, 2017, 5:01 a.m.
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Classification societies have different requirement for survey process but some common topics could be identified:

  • Keep clean from oil stains/leak in way of fuel tanks sounding gauge. If there is any leakage rectify it.

  • Ice formation on the meat/fish room door frames

  • Maintain the meat room temp range -16 -18deg C.

  • Thermal insulation lagging missing/not secured properly. Check the insulations of below items:

    • Main engine exhaust valve bellow and exhaust uptake
    • Aux engine turbocharger and exhaust manifold
    • Incinerator fuel lines
    • Boiler mountings, Steam lines
  • Exhaust gas leakage or black coloration on the exhaust lines. Check main engine, boiler and incinerator exhaust pipes and laggings and ensure no soot deposit and black coloration.

  • Acids and alkalines must be segregated properly. MSDS and protective gear to be checked.

  • ER bilges to be clean and dry. Bilge wells should not contain oil traces. If oil is there, this to be skimmed off.

  • Bunker lines not pressure tested hydrostatically. Pressure testing with air not the correct way of testing. Bunker lines normally pressure tested with fuel transfer pump by increasing the limit of pressure setting valve on the pump.

  • Low insulation alarms on the switchboards (440v,110v,24v). Check emergency switch board also.

  • Update Critical spare list as per company requirement and keep a copy ready.

  • Sounding pipes to be closed and self closing arrangement in order.

  • Maintain the correct level of fuel oil in the emergency generator/emergency fire pump diesel tank.

  • No oil accumulation at below spaces:

    • flywheel pit (area below flywheel)
    • bilge well and bilge tank top
    • Purifier platform
    • Steering gear platform
    • Main air compressor tray
    • Boiler and incinerator tray.
  • No oil collecting buckets/trays allowed in the ER

  • No water accumulation at below spaces:

    • Fresh water generator tray
    • Boiler hot well tray
    • Bilge tank top
    • Boiler tray in way of gauge glass drain and water sample point
  • No oil leakage from below machineries:

    • Aux engines
    • Main engine
    • air compressors
    • Steering gear
    • Incinerator
    • Fuel /lub oil pumps
    • Purifiers
  • Check all sea water lines and ensure no soft repair by putty or jubilee clip etc existing.

  • Ensure rubber mating available on deck below each 440 V panel.

  • Monitor the PMS closely and carry out jobs /update PMS . Dont keep long list of overdue items.

  • Test in advance:

    • ER bilge alarm
    • 15 ppm alarm
    • emergency fire pump
    • emergency generator
    • ME LO low pressure alarm
    • FO leak off tank alarm for ME and AE
    • LO low pressure alarm for AE
    • Boiler low water level alarm
    • Boiler low Low water trip
    • Boiler flame failure trip.
  • Confirm you have technical circular on board which states low sulphur fuel can be used for the boiler.

  • Record starting of pressing up of emergency air bottle by emergency compressor and starting of Auxiliary engine using Emergency air bottle.

  • CE standing order – make sure it is new signed by present CE and all ER staff. Same on Bridge for Capt and Bridge staff.

  • Check if you have latest lube oil report.

  • Update critical spare list and all spares ROB is more than the minimum required.

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