Why may engine exhaust color be dark or white instead of clear?

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Oct. 2, 2017, 3:56 p.m.
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The clear color of the diesel engine exhaust gas indicates the proper combustion without any carryover of the fuel, lubricating oil, water in the fuel or incomplete combustion. The color of the exhaust indicates the health of the engine and combustion quality.
The black color of exhaust gases means improper combustion that may be due to some fuel system malfunctions or an overloaded engine. If the engine is overloaded, more fuel will be supplied but comparatively the quantity of the air will be less. A Larger quantity of fuel, which is injected into the unit, will be difficult to burn in allotted time and after-burning will occur. This will increase the exhaust temperature and black smoke will be formed.
If the color of the exhaust is white, it may be a sign of water contamination.
In case color of the exhaust is blue it indicates the burning of lubricating oil in the engine.

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