Advise most frequent Port State Control observations.

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The areas where most frequent deficiencies are noted from our experience are as follows:

  1. Fire Safety Measures

  2. MARPOL Annex V

In order to avoid recurrence and improve in areas discovered the ship staff must check the following:

  1. All Fire safety measures must be maintained and kept ready for immediate use.

  2. The responsible crew members must be able to operate the fire equipment.

  3. Familiarisation and Training sessions conducted upon signing ON and during drills.

  4. Proper records maintained - Inventories, Drills, Maintenance, User Manuals.

  5. Garbage record book must be diligently maintained.

  6. Garbage Management Plan familiarised and properly implemented on board.

  7. Garbage handling and processing are carried in accordance with the Garbage Management Plan.

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