What requirements apply to the lifeboat being moved from its stowed position?

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It is common confusion over the requirement for moving the lifeboat from its stowed position and lowering the lifeboat in water. The requirement of SOLAS Chapter III, Regulation 20 Sec 6.3. states that all lifeboats, except free-fall lifeboats, shall be turned out from their stowed position, without any person on board, if weather and sea condition so allow.

Masters are advised to ensure that the lifeboats are moved from their stowed position on weekly basis and ascertain that the arrangement functions correctly. While carrying out the test, no crew must board the lifeboat and the lifeboats must be attached with the maintenance strops.

The lifeboat and launching appliances must be visually inspected weekly in accordance to SOLAS Chapter III Regulation 20 to ensure that they are ready for use at all-time e.g. hooks, attachments to the lifeboats, on-load release gear, etc. and recorded in the log book.

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