What does a Boiler starting procedure include?

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General procedure as follows (very for different makers and boiler types):
1. Fill water up to the lowest part of the gauge glass as this will give allowance for the water to expand when heated.
2. Ensure all air check valves are opened fully.
3. Start the forced draught fan and commence purging of the boiler.
4. Carry out final checks and see whether the gauge glass cocks are properly opened and giving a proper water level reading.
5. Leave the steam vent slightly opened.
6. Stop all air supply except to the burner and commence firing at a very low rate.
7. Start intermittent firing and monitor the steam pressure. Firing should be carried out by repeating 1 minute combustion and 4 minutes purge to prevent thermal shock to the boiler.
8. After reaching boiler pressure of 0.1 MPa keep it for 10 minutes and close air vent.
9. Raise steam pressure up to 0.2 MPa by repeating 2 minutes of combustion and 3 minutes of purge.
10. Check all fittings, valves and connections for tightness.
11. Blow drum and level gauge to remove possible impurities.
12. Continue rising a steam.
13. After boiler reaches nominal pressure level check for abnormalities and leakages again.
14. Switch to automatic operation if no abnormalities found.

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