How to apply Navtex/EGC warnings for ECDIS?

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Feb. 9, 2018, 10:32 a.m.
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OOWs to check and apply Navtex/EGC warnings in a same manner as it is done with paper charts. The OOW is responsible for obtaining and applying these Nav warnings during his watch. Checklist for ECDIS Manual Correction Log must be updated simultaneously. 2O shall check every noon the ECDIS for manual correction and verify these with the checklist. The checklist must be properly maintained not only for fresh warnings, it should also include/have records for the warnings which are cancelled and not applicable.
This procedure is important in the view of SIRE inspection as some vessel recently got following observation:

No any manual corrections were found in ECDIS. "ECDIS Manual Correction Log" list was empty.

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