How may engine oil get contaminated by water? How to prevent water contamination of the engine oil?

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These images demonstrate exactly how the oil pressure can increase and the oil ways quickly become clogged, reducing vital component lubrication.

Possible causes of the water contamination of oil are:

  1. Internal leak of cooling water. Regular crankcase inspections and expansion tank level monitoring help to identify this problem at early stages. Internal leakage must be eliminated as soon as possible.

  2. For standby units, it is often due to condensation in the engine. if condensation is the cause, there is also a risk of the water will be rusting and attacking the internals of the engine.

There are a few ways to limit this risk:

  1. Regular running of the engine to burn off the water. Recommended 2 hours, once a week.

  2. The engine should be properly pre-heated.

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