What ECDIS alarm and layer settings recommended for safe navigation and observation avoidance?

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As a general guidance, the following alarm setting may be included depending on the type/make of the ECDIS.

Minimum setting for monitor zone:

Ocean passage

  • Sector length(time) - 2nm/12 minutes,
  • Sector width (angle) - 30°,
  • Vector length - 12 minutes.

Coastal passage

  • Sector length(time) - 1 NM / 6 minutes
  • Sector width (angle) - 15°
  • Vector length - 6 minutes.

Layer settings shall be set in accordance to IMS Manual Sec B 5.11, Layers and Overlays.

ECDIS setting including Safety contours, alarm and indicator should not be changed without Masters permission and must be verified at least once every watch (Refer IMS Check List BR13, Sec G).

The acceptable parameters of alarms and layers must be included in the Passage plan and discussed during Bridge Team Meeting.

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