Which restrictions apply to vessels navigating in US waters with regards to overboard discharge of ballast, bilges, gray water etc.?

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All vessels calling US ports are subject to below restrictions:
1. Bilge water is not to be discharged overboard in US water.
2. Vessels with keel laid after Dec 2013, not to discharge greywater & sewage.
3. Except in an emergency, LPG vessels are not allowed to DEBALLAST in US water without taking approval from office.
4. Weekly checks as per VGP to be done while the vessel is in US waters.
5. If the vessel has called US port within the year, the Annual comprehensive report has to be made by the vessel as per Enclosure 4 of VGP Compliance Document. The VGP file is available on board vessels calling the US.
6. Vessel installed with Ballast water treatment system to carry out below checks:
a) BWS functionality monitoring at least once per month per section as per VGP
b) Ballast water monitoring equipment calibration annually or as recommend per the equipment and system manufacturer per section
c) Ballast water Sample analysis to be done by shore
7. For vessels keel laid after 19 Dec 2013, additional sample analysis to be done for:
a) OWS, annually
b) Gray water ( two samples in a year with a least 14 days gap )

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