How to properly keep records in deck log book and bell book during passage?

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Bearings and ranges used for visual and radar fixes are recorded in the deck log book. Few range and bearings must also be mentioned on the chart soon after plotting the visual/Radar position to confirm the authenticity.
The frequency of radar and visual fixes should be increased during the coastal passage and arrival/departure. If it is difficult to write several positions in the deck log book, then the details of position plotting must be recorded at every major course change or 30 min interval, whichever is less.
A floating object (unless a Racon) should not be used for parallel indexing and fixing Radar position unless the object position's accuracy is verified. Above mentioned procedures are important in the view of SIRE inspection to avoid getting following and similar observations:

1. Sire VIQ 4.3 : During last voyage, it was reviewed and although marked on the charts, sufficient bearings and distances, cross bearings etc, passing sea and land marks were not recorded in the deck log book and bell book. Most of the positions recorded were GPS.

2. The floating object was used for parallel indexing.

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