What are key PSC inspection high-risk items which most of the inspectors look into and give most of the observations on?

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March 7, 2018, 9:06 a.m.
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The following ten items are to be inspected/tested under the direct supervision of Master and CE as they are the most critical for successful inspection passing:

  1. Emergency Fire Pump + priming arrangement
  2. Emergency Generator
  3. Emergency Air Compressor
  4. Overall condition of lifeboat launching arrangement (davits, swivels, on-load release gear correctly reset etc.).
  5. Lifeboat Engines + both batteries
  6. Condition of vents
  7. MLC
    a) Check that there is no expired Seafarer's Employment Agreement.
    b) if someone has been promoted, the contract should be under the new rank.
  8. Rest Hours - Check that these are truly reflected in the reports (PSC inspectors are now looking for events like drills/bunkering/tank inspections etc. and correlating these with the rest hour records.
  9. The condition of Water Tight doors and Fire Doors (no hooks allowed behind self-closing fire doors).
  10. The condition of communication equipment and test records.
  11. The condition of fixed firefighting systems.
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