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1) The central magma outlet tube of a volcano. 2) A ground depression caused by explosion, impact or remnant from extinct volcano. 3) A depression in a weld as the result of molten metal displaced from the weld point.

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  1. A frame used in front of a television picture tube to conceal the rounded edges of the screen. 2. A thin sheet of metal or other material containing an open pattern, used to shield selected portions of a semiconductor or other surface during a deposition process. 3. A protective covering for the face or head in the form of a wire screen, a metal shield, or a respirator.


  1. An evacuated enclosure containing a gas at low pressure, through which current can flow when sufficient voltage is applied between metal electrodes in the tube. Also known as electric-discharge tube. 2. A tube through which steam and water are released into a boiler drum.


Forming a conical depression in a metal surface in order to countersink a rivet head.


A voltmeter designed to measure currents alternating at consisting of a metal tube with thick glass windows.


A heat-transfer device consisting of a sealed metal tube with an inner lining of wicklike capillary material and a small amount of fluid in a partial vacuum; heat is absorbed at one end by vaporization of the fluid and is released at the other end by condensation of the vapor.


A strip of thin plate used on the inner surfaces of the abutting ends of pipe, tubes, or plates which are butt-welded. Its purpose is to prevent irregularities at the base weld and to permit penetration at its root.


A normally non-current-carrying conductor used to connect the non- current-carrying metal parts of a boat and the non-current-carrying parts of the direct current devices on the boat to the boat's common ground point for purposes of reducing hazards of stray-current corrosion, lightning and accumulated static, and to reduce radio noise.


A loose-fitting metal plug in a tapered rotameter tube which moves upward (or downward) with an increase (or decrease) in fluid flow rate upward through the tube. Also known as float.


A ribbed rubber insert within a metal tube that allows water lubrication of an outer propeller shaft bearing.


A whistle used by Boatswains (bosuns) to issue commands. Consisting of a metal tube which directs the breath over an aperture on the top of a hollow ball to produce high pitched notes. The pitch of the notes can be changed by partly covering the aperture with the finger of the hand in which the pipe is held. The shape of the instrument is similar to that of a smoking pipe.

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