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A round, steel deck fitting used to guide cables for barge tows.

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A heavy smooth-surfaced fitting usually located near the edge of the weather deck through which wire ropes or fiber hawsers may be led, usually to piers


A two armed metal deck fitting around which a vessel's lines are made fast.


A two armed metal deck fitting around which a vessel's lines are made fast.


A deck fitting with two horizontal horn-shaped arms to which lines are made fast.


bell shaped fitting serving as deck opening to ventilation ducts.


Flexible composition to isolate the bottom of a fitting from its deck foundation in order to seal from moisture or corrosion.


A fitting on ship's deck to allow mast to pivot to pass under bridges.


Small superstructure on the top deck which contains the steering wheel and other navigational instruments.


  1. Connects two parts roughly at right angles, e.g. deck beams to frames.
  2. A vertical rubber fender used on pushboats or piers, sometimes shaped like a human leg bent slightly at the knee.


  1. A length of wire or rope secured at one end to a mast or spar and having a block or other fitting at the lower end.
  2. A length of wire or rope hooked to a tackle on leeboards.
  3. A long, thin triangular flag flown from the masthead of a military ship (as opposed to a burgee, the flags thus flown on yachts).

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