Historic name for a sailor.

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Local name given to double low water occurring on the south coast of England


The name given to the temperature-sensing device located in the fluid for which control or indication is provided. The bulb may be liquidfilled, gas filled, or gas-and-liquid filled. Changes in temperature produce pressure changes within the bulb which are transmitted to the controller.


Trade name for a family of synthetic chemical refrigerants.


The part of ship's stern where name is displayed


A bargeman's name for the tiller.


Each shipyard typically numbers the ships that it has built in consecutive order. One use is to identify the ship before a name has been chosen.


A plant of simple structure which grows chiefly in water, such as the various forms of seaweed. It ranges in size from a microscopic plant, large numbers of which sometimes cause dis- coloration of water, to the giant kelp which may extend for more than 600 feet in length. The Red Sea owes its name to red algae, as doe


The registered trade name for a high purity, low carbon iron, used for Flinders bars, quadrantal correctors, etc., to correct magnetic compass errors resulting from induced magnetism.


The label of a numerical value, used particularly to refer to the N (north) or S (south) label of latitude and declination. When latitude and declination are both N or both S, they are said to be of same name, but if one is N and the other S, they are said to be of contrary name.


A name for a squall in the East Indies

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