Plankton like crustaceans found in the Southern Ocean.

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Floating, drifting, or feebly swimming plant and animal organisms of the sea. These are usually microscopic or very small, although jellyfish are included.


Differential global positioning system that refines a ship stations G.P.S. positions by referring those to simultaneously found readings obtained by a shore system with known position. Error in East and West can be calculated from the later and assumed to equally apply to the ship station.


Fairing lines added to a vessel's body plan. They take the form of straight lines (usually three in smaller craft) drawn diagonally from the centreline, to strike the area of the waterline. The projection a line drawn from the series of intersection points found (of diagonal & waterline) along the hull, gives an indication of the likely water flow across the structure.


To be equipped. To fit firmly.


1) A general term for the night illuminations of vessels/navigational aids whose specification is found in collision regulations, lists of lights and port information. 2) A thick plate of glass fitted in a vessel's structure to provide a watertight light ingress.


Position found by observing heavenly bodies.


American straight grained red softwood timber properly called Douglas Fir. Recently quick grown Oregon is found with large knots, rendering it structurally unreliable in thinner board thicknesses.


Found forward of the collision bulkhead found athwartships attached to the panting stringers.


The area in which a missing craft and/or survivors are most likely to be found taking into account possible errors in the navigation of the missing craft and of the search craft.


The aftermost bearing for a propeller shaft found in the strut.

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