An electro-mechanical device that produces high tension from revolving coils in the field of a powerful magnet, used to power the spark plugs in a simple petrol internal combustion engine.

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A rotating mechanism for internal combustion engines, to distribute high tension electricity to the spark plugs. It houses the cam- operated breaker points for the primary circuit.


A power semiconductor device that combines low forward voltage drop, gate-controlled turnoff, and high switching speed. It structurally resembles a vertically diffused MOSFET, featuring a double diffusion of a p-type region and an n-type region, but differs from the MOSFET in the use of a p substrate layer (in the case of an nchannel device) for the drain. The effect is to change the transistor into a bipolar device, as this p-type region injects holes into the n-type drift region. Abbreviated IGBT.


A braking device built into a railroad track and operating without an external source of power that reduces car speed by means of brake shoes applied to the lower sides of the wheels.


  1. An iron or steel bar that is usually bent and has a wedge-shaped working end; used as a lever and for prying. 2. A device or action that in effect places a high overload on the actuating element of a circuit breaker or other protective device, thus triggering it.


A semiconductor device in which the controlling bias sets the resistance at either a very high or very low value, corresponding to the off'' and on'' conditions of a switch.


A device that measures electric power consumed, either at an instant, as in a wattmeter, or averaged over a time interval, as in a demand meter. Also known as power meter.


A device used for molecular distillation; material is fed to the center of a hot, rapidly rotating cone housed in a chamber at a high vacuum; centrifugal force spreads the material rapidly over the hot surface, where the evaporable material goes off as a vapor to the condenser.


A device which combines fuel and air in proper proportions for combustion and which enables the fuel-air mixture to burn stably to give a specified flame size and shape.


A pneumatic or hydraulic device for setting and removing slips automatically. Also known as power slips.


A device that uses compressed air to inject the fuel into the cylinder of an internal combustion engine.

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