Hoisting the ensign at sunrise.

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A device for hoisting and lowering heavy weights, cargo, stores, etc


Originally, ropes used for hoisting a spar with a sail attached; today, a line used to raise the head of any sail.


A chain or rope used for hoisting or lowering a yard. A tye runs from the horizontal center of a given yard to a corresponding mast and from there down to a tackle. Sometimes specifically called a chain tye or a rope tye.


Cylindrical protective wall around the gun turret stool, shell stowage and hoisting gear between a warship's deck to the turret shelf plate.


Blocks and tackle for hoisting a boat onto its davits.


Ropes used for hoisting or lowering gaffs and sails. They are attached to the head of sails.


A hoisting method using a strop of rope fastened to the boat with the two ends passed down and around the object in the water and back up to the hauling point- hence mechanical advantage is achieved.


1) A cutting tool with two opposing blades. 2) Two or more spars lashed together near their raised upper ends; used for hoisting or lowering heavy objects.


Wire rope whose strands have been distorted into the shape of a birdcage by a sudden release of a load during a hoisting operation.


A hoisting machine in which the hoisting apparatus is carried by a bridge-like structure spanning the area over which the crane operates.

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