A structure in which the outer covering (planking) carries all or a major part of the stresses.

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Is a liquid put on the field and armature windings, to improve the insulation of the cotton covering on the wires.


A structure (usually one of a group) extending approximately perpendicular from a shore to protect the shore from erosion by tides currents, or waves or to trap sand for making a beach.


A filter element that, in addition to its filter medium, has a magnet or magnets incorporated into its structure to attract and hold ferromagnetic particles.


A radar echo which is caused by the electromagnetic energy being transmitted to the target by an indirect path and returned as an echo along the same path. An indirect echo may appear on the radar display when the main lobe of the radar beam is reflected off part of the structure of the ship (the stack for example) from which it is reflected to the target. Returning to own ship by the same indirect path, the echo appears on the PPI at the bearing of the reflecting surface. Assuming that the additional distance by the indirect path is negligible, the indirect echo appears on the PPI at the same range as the direct echo received. Also called FALSE ECHO.


A concentration of sea ice covering an area of hundreds of kilometers, which is found in the same region every summer


A structure that improves the streamlining of a vessel.


The structure consisting of a number of piles driven into the seabed or riverbed as a marker.


A cage or screen in which a thermometer and sometimes other instrument are placed to shield them from the direct rays of the sun and from other conditions that would interfere with registration of true conditions. It is usually a small wooden structure with louvered sides.


A scale involving a relatively small reduction in size. A large-scale chart is one covering a small area. The opposite is SMALL SCALE.


An unlighted fixed structure which is equipped with a dayboard for daytime identification.

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