A term Nantucket whalers' used to describe a whaleboat's wild tow by the harpooned whale until it tired and was subdued.

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An Anchor Handling Tug tha moves anchors and tow drilling vessels, lighters and similar.


A rope attached to the bow of a dinghy, usually used to tow dingy or handle it at dockside, or in water.


When one or more vessels are being towed; when a tug is towing one or more floating objects.


A boat equiped with powerful engines for towing or pushing large ships or barges


Unpowered Great Lakes vessels, usually a fully loaded schooner, barge, or steamer barge,towed by a larger steamer that would often tow more than one barge. The consort system was used in the Great Lakes from the 1860s to around 1920.


To tow a line or object below the surface, to determine the least depth in an area or to insure that a given area is free from navigational dangers to a certain depth; or the removal of such dangers.


Code flag; I am loading, carrying or discharging dangerous cargo. Sound signal; Last barge of a tow in restricted visibility.


The rated force that a tug boat can apply to a tow line.


It relates to a vessel with liberty to sail without pilots, to call at any port for any reasonable purpose, to tow and to be towed and assist vessel in distress.

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