Rowlock; a device for holding an oar in place when rowing or steering. Most oarlocks consist of a "socket" and a U-shaped or round "horn". Traditionally other systems have been used. See Thole.

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A round black shape hoisted in the forepart of a vessel to show that it is anchored.


The upper edge of the hull. The top timber on the rail round the outer edge of the deck.


A large usually round tub lashed to a vessel's deck and containing dried and salted provisions for daily use.


A Short rope used to bind a cable to the 'messenger' (a moving line propelled by the capstan) so that the cable is dragged along too (used where the cable is too large to be wrapped round the capstan itself). During the raising of an anchor the nippers were attached and detached from the (endless) messenger by the ship's boys. Hence the term for small boys: 'nippers'.


An opening in a ship's side, esp. a round one for admitting light and air, fitted with thick glass and, often, a hinged metal cover, a window.


Taking up the last bit of slack on a line such as a halyard, anchor line or dockline by taking a single turn round a cleat and alternately heaving on the rope above and below the cleat while keeping the tension on the tail.


1. The boundary line of a circle or other closed plane curve or the outer limits of a sphere or other round body. 2. The length of the boundary line of a circle or closed plane curve or of the outer limits of a sphere or other rounded body. The circumference of a sphere is the circumference of any great circle on the sphere.


When a wind blows round clockwise; opposite of backing


The moon at opposition, when it appears as a round disk to an observer on the earth because the illuminated side is toward him.


When a wind blows round anti-clockwise (opposite of veering)

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