Two person shallow draught Moskito Indian canoe.

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A device for determining the course and speed over the ground in shallow water consisting of a lead or weight attached to a line. The lead is thrown overboard and allowed to rest on the bottom. The course over ground is indicated by the direction the line tends and the speed by the amount of line paid out in a unit of time.


A long, deep swell or undulation of the ocean often caused by a long-continued gale and sometimes a seismic disturbance and felt even at a remote distance. In shallow water the swell rises to a prominent height.


1. A shallow sound, pond, or lake generally separated from the open sea. 2. A body of water enclosed by the reefs and islands of an atoll


A shallow water that is a hazard to navigation.


Dangerously steep and breaking seas due to opposing currents and wind in a shallow area, nor strong currents over a shallow rocky bottom.


Loaded vessels lashed tightly, one on each side of another vessel, and then emptied to provide additional buoyancy that reduces the draught of the ship in the middle.


A rock or coral, possibly only revealed at low tide, shallow enough that the vessel will at least touch if not go aground.


A shallow coastal lagoon or embayment with a muddy bottom; also a region of mud or slime deposited near a stream mouth.


The depth of a ship's keel below the waterline.


Floats that warn of hazards such as rocks or shallow ground, to help ships maneuver through unfamiliar harbors.

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