Right hand ordinary lay - wires laid left handed, strands laid right handed.

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A line or mark left upon tide flats, beach, or alongshore objects indicating the elevation of the intrusion of high water. It should not be confused with the MEAN HIGH WATER LINE or MEAN HIGHER HIGH WATER LINE


The British Naval Ensign or Flag of the British Merchant Navy, a red flag with the Union Flag in the upper left corner. Colloquially called the 'red duster'.


The left side of a ship.


The bank of a stream or river on the left of an observer facing downstream


The left hand side of a ship facing the front or forward end. The port side of a ship during darkness is indicated by a red light. Was previously known as the larboard side but this created confusion with starboard and was changed.


The half of a cyclonic storm area in which the rotary and forward motions of the storm tend to counteract each other and the winds are in such a direction as to tend to blow a vessel away from the storm track. In the Northern Hemisphere this is to the left of the storm center and in the Southern Hemisphere it is to the right.


Left aground following a spring high tide. Also called BENEAPED.


1. The color and shape of a daymark or buoy or the color and period of a light used for identifying the aid. See also CHARACTERISTIC COLOR, CHARACTERISTIC PHASE. 2. The identifying signal transmitted by a radiobeacon. 3. That part of a logarithm (base 10) to the left of the decimal point. That part of a logarithm (base 10) to the right of the decimal point is called the MANTISSA. 4. A quality, attribute, or distinguishing property of anything


An inertial force acting on a body in motion, due to rotation of the earth, causing deflection to the right in the Northern Hemisphere and to the left in the Southern Hemisphere. It affects air (wind), water (current), etc. and introduces an error in bubble sextant observations made from a moving craft due to the liquid in the bubble being deflected, the effect increasing with higher latitude and greater speed of the craft.


The part of a logarithm (base 10) to the right of the decimal point. The part of a logarithm (base 10) to the left of the decimal point is called the CHARACTERISTIC.

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