To close all weather/watertight hatches/doors and lash moveable items.

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A flash of light from an electric discharge, without thunder, believed to be the reflection by haze or clouds of a distant lash of lightning, too far away for the thunder to be audible


Lighter aboard ship: A barge carrier designed to act as a shuttle between ports, taking on and discharging barges.


A line used to lash a sail to a spar.


A lighter aboard ship. Lighters or barges are loaded and transported with such a ship.


1) Framework upon which a boat is built. 2) A framework to lash a prisoner for corporal punishment.


Ocean vessels constructed with heavyduty submersible hydraulic lift or elevator system at the stern of the vessel. The SeaBee system facilitates forward transfer and positioning of barges. SeaBee barges are larger than LASH barges. The SeaBee system is no longer used.


Loose boards that slide in grooves to close off a companionway or cabin entrance.


To move or appear to move together. An order is sometimes given by a flagship for a vessel to close to yards, or miles. When a craft moves onto a range, the objects forming the range appear to move closer together or close. The opposite is OPEN.


1. A place or room for the stowage of cargo in a vessel. 2. The act of stowing cargo aboard a vessel. 3. To arrange (cargo, goods, etc.) in the hold of a vessel; to move or rearrange such goods; the pulling and moving about of packages incident to close stowage aboard a vessel. 4. To search a vessel for smuggled goods, e.g.


A flange used to close the end of a pipe.

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