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Series of liquid-holding vessels with stirrers, each connected to an unstirred vessel in which solids or heavy immiscible liquids settle out of suspension; light liquid moves through the mixer-settler units, counterflowing to heavy material, in such a manner that fresh liquid contacts treated heavy material, and spent (used) liquid contacts fresh (untreated) heavy material.


A type of centrifugal clarification purposely designed to settle out only the large particles (rather than all particles) in a liquid by reducing the centrifuging time.


Removing solids from liquids by causing particles to settle through the liquid radially toward or away from the center of rotation (depending on the solid-liquid relative densities) by use of a centrifuge.


Inverted-cone device for the separation of heavy particulates (such as sand, ore, or other mineral matter) from a liquid stream; feed enters the top of the cone, heavy particles settle to the bottom where they can be withdrawn, and liquid overflows the top edge, carrying the smaller particles or those of lower gravity over the rim; used in the mining and chemical industries.


Tank or vessel in which solids or immiscible dispersions in a carrier liquid settle or coalesce, with clear upper liquid withdrawn (decanted) as overflow from the top.


Wet, mechanical solids classifier (separator) in which silt particles settle as the carrier liquid is slowly stirred by horizontally revolving rakes; solids are plowed outward and removed at the periphery of the container bowl.


Chamber or vessel in which the velocity of heavy particles (solids or liquids) in a fluid stream is reduced to allow them to settle downward by gravity, as in the case of a dust-laden gas stream.


Separation of immiscible phases (gas-solid, liquid-solid, liquid-liquid, solid-solid) by allowing the denser phase to settle out under the influence of gravity; used in ore dressing and various industrial chemical processes.

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