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Co-ordinator surface search: A vessel, other than a rescue unit, designated to co-ordinate surface search and rescue operation within a specified area

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On-scene commander: The commander of a rescue unit designated to co-ordinate search and rescue operations within a specified area


Rescue co-ordination centre: Land-based authority conducting and coordinating search and rescue operations in a designated area


On-scene commander: The commander of a rescue unit designated to co-ordinate search and rescue operations within a specified area


The area in which a missing craft and/or survivors are most likely to be found taking into account possible errors in the navigation of the missing craft and of the search craft.


As defined by the International Telecommunication Union (ITU), in the maritime radionavigation service, a receiver-transmitter device which, when triggered by a surface search radar, automatically returns a distinctive signal which can appear on the display of the triggering radar, providing range, bearing and identification information. Also called RADAR TRANSPONDER BEACON.


An area generally outside port limits that is specifically designated as suitable for the transshipment of oil or other materials from large ships to smaller ones. As the purpose of transshipment is usually to reduce the draft of the larger vessel to allow her to proceed to port, the operation is often known as lightening and the area may be called lightening area or cargo transfer area


Search and Rescue Transponder


Search and Rescue Transponder a portable radar transponder for use in survival craft, which transmits homing signals in the 9 GHz band


In a given direction, at a point on the surface of a source or receptor, or at a point on the path of a beam, the quotient of the luminous flux leaving, arriving at, or passing through an element of surface at this point and propagated in directions defined by an elementary cone containing the given directions, by the product of the solid angle of the cone and the area of the orthogonal projection of the element of surface on a plane perpendicular to the given direction. The derived unit of luminance in the International System of Units is the CANDELA PER SQUARE METER.


The ratio, expressed in tenths, of the amount of ice to the total area of sea surface in a defined area; this locale may be global, hemispheric, or a specific geographic entity.

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