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A group of crew members trained for fighting flooding in the vessel

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Vessel carrying capacity viz. fuel, water, crew based on 224O lbs per deadweight ton


The displacement in tons of the ship complete with all outfit, equipment, and machinery on board but excluding all fuel, water in tanks, cargo, stores, passengers, dunnage, and the crew and their effects. The light condition displacement includes the lubricating oil for the machinery and water in the boilers at steaming level. Also called light weight.


A round through the vessel carried out by a crew member of the watch at certain intervals so that an outbreak of fire may be promptly detected; mandatory in vessels carrying more than 36 passengers.
These are not normally carried out on a regular basis upon most vessels but they should be conducted (1) immediately prior to, or upon sailing. A thorough inspection of the vessel being made especially in hold compartments, stores, engine and boiler rooms, etc. (2) when the vessel has been vacated by shipyard personnel whilst the vessel is in port undergoing repair. Someone may have been using oxy-acetylene burning or welding equipment on one side of a bulkhead totally unaware that the beginnings of a fire were being created on the other side of the bulkhead.

Everyone on board should, in addition to looking for fire, assess and correct any possible dangerous situations, e.g. loose oil or paint drums, incorrectly stored chemicals, etc.


A group of vessel operators joined together for the purpose of establishing freight rates.


A contract whereby the shipowner leases his vessel to the charterer for a period of time during which the whole use and management of the vessel passes to the charterer, which involves that the charterer is to pay all expenses for the operation and maintenance of the vessel. Officers and crew will become servants of the charterer. A demise charter whereby the charterer has the right to place his own master and crew on board of the vessel is also called 'bareboat charter'.


The condition of a vessel with regards to materials, construction, equipment, crew and outfit which is considered safe for the trade in which it is employed


The total weight in tons (2240 lb.) that a ship carries on a specified draft including fuel, water in tanks, cargo, stores, passengers, baggage, crew and their effects, but excluding the water in the boilers. It is the difference in weight between a vessel when it is fully loaded and when it is empty measured by the water it displaces.


A term used to describe the time at which a vessel is no longer meeting the terms of readiness for a shipment and is therefore no longer earning revenue during that time. Some situations which can cause offhire periods are holds not clean, dry, free from infestation; engine failure, cannot sail due to crew problem or shortage. Etc.. When a vessel's condition changes back to meet the contract or charter party terms it is placed back on-hire. In some cases such as poor engine perfoprmance which extends the charter and adds expenses a claim for partial offhire may be made.


  1. An eating place aboard ship.
  2. A group of crew who live and eat together.


For the purposes of the NSCV Part B, fishing operations means: a) the farming, taking, catching or capturing of fish for trading or manufacturing purposes; b) the processing or carrying of the fish that are farmed, taken, caught or captured; or c) activities in support of fishing operations, including i) the feeding, storage or transport of fish farmed, taken, caught or captured by the fishing vessel; ii) the provision of food, fuel and other supplies to the fishing vessel while it is engaged in fishing operations; iii) the transport of crew members or special personnel to and from the fishing vessel while it is engaged in fishing operations; iv) the maintenance of fish farms.

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