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A vertical transverse flat plate welded to the tank top or margin plate and to the frame in the area of the bilge.


Shell plates at the bilge area


The process whereby a volume of liquid is converted into a multiplicity of small drops. The principal goal is to produce a high surface area to mass ratio so that the liquid will vaporize quickly and thus be susceptible to combustion.


For a single orifice the beta ratio is the ratio of the orifice bore diameter to that of the upstream pipe diameter. However, since in burner designs typically there is more than one orifice at a riser pipe exit, the beta ratio is equal to the square root of the ratio between total area of the fuel ports to that of the upstream pipe area.


The part of a furnace between the radiant section and the stack. The area is filled with tubes or pipes which carry process steam and which absorb heat via convection heat transfer from the hot gases passing through the area on their way out of the stack. The convection section forms an obstacle to the combustion gas flow and can greatly affect furnace draft in the radiant section of the furnace.


Uppermost part of a radiant furnace (also called the 'bridgewall', a term which came from the original furnace designs and has remained in use). The last area in an upflow furnace before the convection section.


The heat available per square foot of heat-absorbing surface in the furnace. That surface is the projected area of tubes and extended metallic surfaces on the furnace side including walls, floors, roof, partition walls, and platens and the area of the plane of the furnace exit which is defined as the entrance to the convection tube bank.


The force exerted per unit area on a surface created by the collision of gas molecules with the surface.


The part of a process heater into which the burners fire. Tubes mounted in this area of the furnace receive heat principally via direct radiation from both burner flames and furnace refractory. Physical volume arrangement of the radiant section has a great effect on burner choice and required flame patterns.


A recess area fitted at the curved section between the bottom and the side into which water drains from holds or other spaces.

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