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A scheduled liner service offered by owners on given routes on conditions agreed by members.

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Vessels operating on fixed itineraries or regular schedules and established rates available to all shippers. The freight rates which are charged are based on the shipping company's tariff or if the company is a member of a liner conference, the tariff of that conference.


United Nations Conference on Trade and Development - a United Nations agency whose work in Shipping includes the liner code involving the sharing of cargoes between the Shipping lines of the importing and exporting countries and third countries in the ratio 40:40:20.


Global Maritime Distress and Safety System a global communications service based upon automated systems, both satellite and terrestrial, to provide distress alerting and promulgation of maritime safety information for mariners

Safety NET

INMARSAT service for promulgating MSI to ships on the high seas, it includes shore-to-ship relays of distress alerts and communications for SAR coordination


World-Wide Navigational Warning Service established by IMO in collaboration with I HO for the dissemination of navigational warnings to ships


A tank used in custody transfer service or any tank which could have a significant product loss.


Gasoline and diesel engine oil quality levels established jointly by API, SAE, and ASTM, and sometimes called SAE or API/SAE categories; formerly called API Engine Service Classifications.


Improves the service life of tribological elements operating in the boundary lubrication regime. Anti-wear compounds (for example, ZDDP and TCP) start decomposing at 90° to 100°C and even at a lower temperature if water (25 to 50 ppm) is present.


An element intended to be discarded and replaced after one service cycle.


Maritime Mobile Service Identity 9-digit ITU identification number allocated to ships operating DSC

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