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An official signature or seal af fixed to certain documents by the consul of the country of destination.

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The Bill of Health is the certificate issued by local medical authorities indicating the general health conditions in the port of departure or in the ports of call. The Bill of Health must have been advised before departure by the Consul of the country of destination. When a vessel has free pratique, this means that the vessel has a clean Bill of Health certifying that there is no question of contagious disease and that all quarantine regulations have been complied with, so that people may embark and disembark.


A soft synthetic rubber washer with a steel core fixed in the outer ring (in the seal groove) in contact with the inner ring to retain lubricant and keep out contamination.


A formal statement describing goods to be shipped; filed.with and approved by the consul of the country of destination prior to shipment.


  1. The storage of certain goods under charge of customs viz. customs seal until the import duties are paid or until the goods are taken out of the country. 2. Bonded warehouse (place where goods can be placed under bond). 3. Bonded store (place on a vessel where goods are placed behind seal until the time that the vessel leaves the port or country again). 4. Bonded goods (dutiable goods upon which duties have not been paid i.e. goods in transit or warehoused pending customs clearance).


A government official residing in a foreign country who represents the interests of her or his country and its nationals.


Rubber sealing ring also called o-ring. The most common seal used in hydraulic, pneumatic and other systems. Applied against gases and fluids.


Saybolt Universal Second. Unit of oils viscosity. The time required for a fixed volume of oil to flow through a tube of a definite diameter at constant temperature.


The maintenance of a fixed value of draft in a furnace at all combustion rates by control of incoming air and outgoing products of combustion.


A seamark, i.e. a buoy, indicating the north, east, south or west from a fixed point, e.g. a wreck


A fixed or adjustable plate inserted in a gas or air stream used to change the direction of flow.

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