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The act of checking who of the passengers and crew members are present, e.g. at assembly stations, by reading aloud a list of their names

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The number of a navigational light, assigned in accordance with the Resolution adopted at the Fifth International Hydrographic Conference in 1949 by Member Nations of the International Hydrographic Bureau (now the International Hydrographic Organization). This number is in italic type and under the light list number in the light list.


An uncontrollable list caused by inadequate transverse stability in the upright condition.


A document containing a full list of the ship's cargo, extracted from the bills of lading.


A situation in which the deck of the vessel is partially or wholly submerged, possibly as a result of excessive listing or a loss of buoyancy.


A ship's sick list. The list of men unable to report for duty was given to the officer or mate of the watch by the ship's surgeon. The list was kept at the binnacle.


The list prepared by the master of a ship showing the full names, nationality, passport or discharge book number, rank and age of every officer and crew member engaged on board that ship and is one of the essential ship's documents presented to the customs and immigration authorities on arrival at a new port.


A publication giving detailed information regarding lighted navigational aids and fog signals. In the United States, light lists are published by the U.S. Coast Guard as USCG Light Lists and by the National Imagery and Mapping Agency as List of Lights.


The sequential number used to identify a navigational light in the light list. This may or may not be the same as the INTERNATIONAL NUMBER, which is an identifying number assigned by the International Hydrographic Organization. The international number is in italic type and is located under the light list number in the list.


A list which shows the vessel's complement and details their various duties in connection with fire and boat drills.


A list of calibration corrections or calibrated values. A card having such a table on it is called a CALIBRATION CARD.
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