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Cargo that will t into a container and result in an economical shipment.

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Cargo loaded into a container by the shipper under shipper's supervision. When the cargo is exported, it is unloaded at the foreign pier destination.


Abbreviation for 'Container Freight Station.' A shipping dock where cargo is loaded ('stuffed') into or unloaded ('stripped') from containers. Generally, this involves less than containerload shipments, although small shipments destined to same consignee are often consolidated. Container reloading from/to rail or motor carrier equipment is a typical activity. These facilities can be located in container yards, or off dock.


The person or firm that consolidates (combines) cargo from a number of shippers into a container that will deliver the goods to several buyers.


A device to record temperature in a container while cargo is en route.


A container terminal equipment, which is motorized and runs on rubber tires. It can straddle a single row of containers and is primarily used to move containers around the terminal, but also to transport containers t


Container Security Initiative - a U.S. cargo security program whereby containerized cargoes destined for the United States may be inspected on a selective basis at many foreign ports before loading on a vessel. As of October 2007, there were 51 approved ports. A multinational program, aligned with the President's 'Strategy for Homeland Security', that extends the United States' zone of security by prescreening containers that pose a potential security risk before they leave foreign ports for U.S. seaports.


The technique of using a container to store, protect and handle cargo while it is in transit. This shipping method has both greatly expedited the speed at which cargo is moved from origin to destination and lowered shipping costs.


A strong steel box of standard dimensions of 8 feet square and length of 20 feet or 40 feet, in which cargo is preloaded.


The process of packing a container with loose cargo prior to inland or ocean shipment.


Cargo consisting of shipments of two or more shippers or suppliers. Container load shipments may be consolidated for one or more consignees.

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