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Vertical frame components fitted at the corners of the container, integral to the corner ttings and connecting the roof and oor structures. Containers are lifted and secured in a stack using the castings at the ends.

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Spring-loaded screws designed to secure headlights to a support frame and permit aiming of the headlights in horizontal and vertical planes.


  1. A timber in the second-floor corner posts of a house to serve as a footing for roof rafters. 2. A horizontal member to stiffen the framework of a building frame or trestle. 3. A brace member running horizontally between the legs of a drill tripod or derrick.


A vertical conduit, which due to the difference in density between internal and external gases creates a draft at its base.


A type of frame weir in which the wooden barrier is constructed of vertical square-section timbers placed side by side against the iron frames.


A vertical transverse flat plate welded to the tank top or margin plate and to the frame in the area of the bilge.


The vertical part of the stern frame to which the rudder is attached


Vertical transverse plate immediately above the bottom shell plating, often located at every frame, extending from bilge to bilge.


A vertical stack or chimney into which the contents of a chemical or petroleum process unit are emptied in case of an operational emergency.


  1. Connects two parts roughly at right angles, e.g. deck beams to frames.
  2. A vertical rubber fender used on pushboats or piers, sometimes shaped like a human leg bent slightly at the knee.


Boxlike machine with a series of horizontal screens nested in a vertical stack with downward-decreasing meshopening sizes; near-circular motion causes undersized material to sift down through each screen in succession.

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