A pallet so designed that the forks of a fork lift truck can be inserted from two sides only.

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A cargo which is on wheels, such as truck or trailers, and which can be driven or towed on to a ship.


Located on or near the sea. Commerce or navigation by sea. The maritime industry includes people working for transportation (ship, rail, truck an


The place where ships tie up to unload and load cargo. A wharf typically has front and rear loading docks (aprons), a transit shed, open (unshedded) storage areas, truck bays, and rail tracks.


A rail transport mode where a loaded truck trailer is shipped on a rail flatcar.


This is transportation shorthand for intermodal exchange. In an IMX yard, containers can be lifted from truck chassis to rail intermodal cars or vice versa.


When a truck returning from a delivery has no return freight on the back haul, it is said to be in deadhead.


A truck that have three main units. The front section where the driver sits is called the cab or the tractor (because it pulls a load). Cargo is loaded into the metal box (container), which is loaded onto the wheel base called a chassis or a trailer.


A heavy automotive vehicle used to transport cargo. In the maritime industry, cargo is often carried by tractor-trailers. The tractor is the front part of the vehicle, also called a cab. The trailer is the detachable wheeled chassis behind the tractor, on which containers or other cargoes are placed.


Transport by truck for short distances; e.g. from wharf to warehouse..


A truck equipped to transport unusually heavy cargoes (steel slabs, bulldozers, transformers, boats, heavy machinery, etc.)

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