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Anything called for as requirements before the performance or completion of something else. Contractual stipulations which are printed on a document or provided separately.

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Any instrument or device that records information about the performance of an aircraft in flight or about conditions encountered in flight, for future study and evaluation.


the method of comparing filter performance based on efficiency. This is done using the Multi-Pass Test which counts the number of particles of a given size before and after fluid passes through a filter.


A small boat, traditionally a coastal or river craft, for leisure or fishing, with a single person or small crew. Sailing skiffs have developed into high performance competitive classes.


Filter performance tests in which the contaminated fluid is allowed to recirculate through the filter for the duration of the test. Contaminant is usually added to the test fluid during the test. The test is used to determine the Beta-Ratio (q.v.) of an element. Also known as recirculation test


The fluid system contamination level at the time of release from an assembly or overhaul line. Fluid system life can be shortened significantly by full-load operation under a high fluid contamination condition for just a few hours. Contaminant implanted and generated during the break-in period can devastate critical components unless removed under controlled operating and high performance filtering conditions.


Filter performance tests in which contaminant which passes through a test filter is not allowed to recirculate back to the test filter.


Any loss of performance due to the presence of contamination. Two basic types of contamination failure are: Perceptible - gradual loss of efficiency or performance, and Catastrophic - dramatic, unexpected failure.


A radiobeacon whose carrier wave is unbroken but which is modulated with the identification signal. The continuous carrier wave signal is not audible to the operator of an aural null direction finder not having a beat frequency oscillator. The use of the continuous carrier wave improves the performance of automatic direction finders. The marine radiobeacons on the Atlantic and Pacific coasts of the U.S. are of this type.


A resonant cavity, energized by part of the transmitted pulse of a radar set, which produces an artificial target signal for tuning or testing the overall performance of a radar set. Also called PHANTOM TARGET.


The ability of additives in the fluid to resist changes in their performance during storage or use.

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