Statement, usually written, of the master of a vessel, concerning exceptional events which occurred during a voyage.

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A photographic reproduction of a master layout or design on a specially prepared emulsion-coated piece of sheet metal; used as a master in a tool-construction department.


1. A pattern or template used as a guide in construction. 2. A cavity which imparts its form to a fluid or malleable substance. 3. The metal part derived from the master by electroforming in reproducing disk recordings; has grooves similar to those of the recording.


A technique used for integrated circuit fabrication in which a silicon slice is coated uniformly with a radiation-sensitive film, the resist, and an exposing source (such as light, x-rays, or an electron beam) illuminates selected areas of the surface through an intervening master template for a particular pattern.


A bushing, provided with or without a head, that is permanently installed in a jig to receive the renewable wearing bushings. Also known as master bushing.


An instrument that measures the total number of cycles through which the alternating voltage of an electric power system has passed in a given period of time, enabling this total to be compared with the number of cycles that would have elapsed if the prescribed frequency had been maintained. Also known as master frequency meter.


1. A master model made from hardened steel which is used to press the shape of a plastics mold into a block of soft steel. 2. A rotary cutting tool with its teeth arranged along a helical thread; used for generating gear teeth.


A device which displays at a different location the indications of the master gyrocompass.


A compass having one or more gyroscopes as the directive element, and which is northseeking. Its operation depends upon four natural phenomena, namely gyroscopic inertia, gyroscopic precession, the earth's rotation, and gravity. When such a compass controls remote indicators, called GYRO REPEATERS, it is called a master gyrocompass.


A line connecting points having the same time or time difference relationship, as a line representing all points having the same time difference in the reception of signals from two radio stations such as the master and slave stations of a Loran rate.


As distinguished from engineer officer, refers to all officers who assist the master in navigating the vessel when at sea, and supervise the handling of cargo when in port.

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