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goods having a stowage factor below 40.

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The placing of goods in a ship in such a way as to ensure the safety and stability of the ship


States whether different goods can be stowed together in one hold


A technique in work measurement used to determine the leveling factor to be applied to an operator or a group of operators by short, randomly spaced observations of the performance index.


Single Administrative Document - a set of documents, replacing the various (national) forms for customs declaration within European Community, implemented on January 1st, 1988. The introduction of the SAD constitutes an intermediate stage in the abolition of all administrative documentation in intra European Community trade in goods between member states.


Indicates the shipper will deliver the goods to the consignee.It does not convey title (nonnegotiable).Most often used when the goods have been prepaid.


The warehouse or public stores to which samples of imported goods are taken to be inspected, analyzed, weighed, etc. by examiners or appraisers.


Group of dangerous or hazardous goods, harmful substances or marine pollutants in sea transport as classified in the International Dangerous Goods Code (IMDG Code)


A flat surface on which charts are spread out, usually with stowage space for charts and other navigating equipment below the plotting surface. One without stowage space is called a CHART TABLE.


A flat tray, generally made of wood but occasionally of steel, on which goods particularly those in boxes, cartons or bags, can be stacked. Its purpose is to facilitate the movement of such goods, mainly by the use of forklift trucks.


International Dangerous Goods Code, an IMO Convention to assist in safe carriage of dangerous cargos.

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