In a charter party covering a fixture on an f.i.o. basis which implies that the loading and unloading expenses are for charterer's account, charterers appoint their agents to attend to ship's business.

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A self-propelling power machine for loading coal, mineral, or dirt.


Loading of dirt or stone in tunnels or mines by machines.


A power machine for loading mineral, coal, or dirt.


The shelter and associated equipment for the withdrawal of liquid petroleum or a chemical product from a storage tank and loading it into a railroad tank car or tank truck.


1. Condition of vapor overcapacity in a liquid-vapor-contact tower, in which rising vapor lifts or holds falling liquid. 2. The addition of inductance to a transmission line to improve its transmission characteristics throughout a given frequency band. Also known as electrical loading. 3. Buildup on a cutting tool of the material removed in cutting. 4. Filling the pores of a grinding wheel with material removed in the grinding process. 5. [ENG ACOUS] Placing material at the front or rear of a loudspeaker to change its acoustic impedance and thereby alter its radiation.


A device to manually open a pressure relief valve by decreasing the spring loading in order to determine if the valve is in working order.


An idler roll protected by a covering of a resilient material from the shock of the loading of material onto a conveyor belt, so as to reduce the damage to the belt.


A funnel-shaped receptacle with an opening at the top for loading and a discharge opening at the bottom for bulk-delivering material such as grain or coal.


A condition of filter element loading in which contaminant spans the space between adjacent sections of a filter element, thus blocking a portion of the useful filtration.


A portion of a beach especially prepared with a hard surface extending into the water, employed for the purpose of loading or unloading directly into landing ships or landing craft

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