Flammable solids.

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1. A charge of gunpowder put in a paper several inches long and used for igniting explosives. 2. A short flammable piece of wood, paper, or other material tipped with a combustible mixture that bursts into flame through friction.


Easily ignited and capable of burning rapidly; inflammable. Historically, flammable and inflammable mean the same thing. However, the presence of the prefix in- has misled many people into assuming that inflammable means 'not flammable' or 'noncombustible.' Also sometimes used interchangeably with combustible however products classified as combustible usually have a higher flashpoint than do products classed as flammable. A Flammable liquid is one that will give off flammable vapors at or below 80 F or 26.7 C. When in the doubt, it is therefore advisable to use only flammable in contexts imparting warnings or on product labels where a misinterpretation might have serious consequences for the reader.


a measurement of the amount of flammable vapor given off by a liquid of a certain temperature.


An explosion following the ignition of flammable dust suspended in the air.

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