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Deck and mast house.

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A ring of plate positioned around a pipe or mast at a bulkhead or deck opening that serves to provide a sealing reinforcement.


A fitting on ship's deck to allow mast to pivot to pass under bridges.


Supporting deck beams housing a mast or deck structure.


1) Precipitation of ice crystals. 2) Traditional round hulled sailing vessel where the mizzen mast carries a vertical spar, enabling the mizzen hoops and the mizzen squaresail yard parrel to be lowered to the deck independently.


Extension boarding at deck level to increase the width of the hull of a sailing ship for the lower stays land upon, thus providing a wider angle of mast support. The traditional position from which a seaman heaved a hand lead line (to establish depth).


A platform in a ship corresponding to a floor in a building


The course of shell plating at strength deck level


  1. A length of wire or rope secured at one end to a mast or spar and having a block or other fitting at the lower end.
  2. A length of wire or rope hooked to a tackle on leeboards.
  3. A long, thin triangular flag flown from the masthead of a military ship (as opposed to a burgee, the flags thus flown on yachts).


The part of the bolt rope, at the head of a sail, running from the mast to the sprit


Small superstructure on the top deck which contains the steering wheel and other navigational instruments.

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