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A cloth, leather, or paper band impregnated with grit and rotated as an endless loop to abrade materials through continuous friction.

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1.A flat plate against which something rests or is pressed. 2. The rubber-covered roller of a typewriter against which paper is pressed when struck by the typebars. 2. A flat surface for exchanging heat in a boiler or heat exchanger which may have extended heat transfer surfaces.


A system in which the paper mill buildings A building or complex of housing paper machines. panic hardware See panic exit device.


A drawing board with an adjustable outer frame that is forced over the drawing paper to hold and strain it.


[DESENG] Ahand-operateddevice to cut and trim paper, consisting of a cutting blade bolted at one end to a ruled board; when the blade is drawn flush with the board, which has a metal strip at the cutting edge, a shearing action takes place which cuts the paper cleanly and evenly.


Seriesoperation energy economizer system in which heat from the steam generated (evaporated liquid) in the first stage is used to evaporate additional liquid in the second stage (by reducing system pressure), and so on, up to 10 or more effects; commonly used in the pulp and paper industry.


1. A charge of gunpowder put in a paper several inches long and used for igniting explosives. 2. A short flammable piece of wood, paper, or other material tipped with a combustible mixture that bursts into flame through friction.


A typewriterlike device that prepares punched paper tape for communications or computing equipment.


A machine or engine used to refine paper pulp, consisting of a rotating cone, with cutters, that fits inside another cone, also with cutters.


A process for making paper pulp by alkaline oxidation of extremely thin wood chips at low temperature and pressure and then solubilization of the lignin fraction.


An elongate tube with a central mid-feather and a cylindrical beater roll; formerly used for stock preparation in paper manufacture.

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