An abrasive sintered or shaped into a solid cone to be rotated by an arbor for abrasive machining.

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  1. A solid having a plane base bounded by a closed curve and a surface formed by lines from every point on the circumference of the base to a common point or APEX. 2. A surface generated by a straight line of indefinite length, one point of which is fixed and another point of which follows a fixed curve. Also called a CONICAL SURFACE.


In a given direction, at a point on the surface of a source or receptor, or at a point on the path of a beam, the quotient of the luminous flux leaving, arriving at, or passing through an element of surface at this point and propagated in directions defined by an elementary cone containing the given directions, by the product of the solid angle of the cone and the area of the orthogonal projection of the element of surface on a plane perpendicular to the given direction. The derived unit of luminance in the International System of Units is the CANDELA PER SQUARE METER.


A method of determining the heat of fusion of a substance whose specific heat is known, in which a known amount of the solid is combined with a known amount of the liquid in a calorimeter, and the decrease in the liquid temperature during melting of the solid is measured.


Separation of liquid from a two-phase solid-liquid system by compression under conditions that permit liquid to escape while the solid is retained between the compressing surfaces. Also known as mechanical expression.


A porous-sided or screen-covered vessel used to screen solid particles out of liquid or gas streams.


A device that dehumidifies air by bringing it into contact with a solid adsorbing substance.


A configuration of solid adsorption materials, for example molecular sieves or charcoal, used to recover liquid from or purify a gas stream.


The property of a lubricant that causes it to cling or adhere to a solid surface.


Removal of fine solid particles (grit) from a liquid carrier by gravity separation (settling) or centrifugation.


A solid lubricant dispersed in a continuous matrix of a binder or attached to a surface by an adhesive material.

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