An instrument which measures a quantity (such as pressure or temperature) in absolute units by means of simple physical measurements on the instrument.

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An instrument that measures the stagnation pressure of a flowing fluid, consisting of an open tube pointing into the fluid and connected to a pressure-indicating device. Also known as impact tube.


An instrument for measuring sound intensity by determining the unidirectional steady-state pressure caused by the reflection or absorption of a sound wave at a boundary.


An instrument which determines atmospheric pressure by the effect of such pressure on a thin-metal cylinder from which the air has been partly exhausted


A barometer of such accuracy that it can be used for the determination of pressure standards; an instrument such as a large-bore mercury barometer is usually used.


An instrument in which the difference in pressure between two sources is determined from the vertical distance between the surfaces of a liquid in two legs of an erect or inverted U-shaped tube when each of the legs is connected to one of the sources.


An instrument used as a standard for calibrating pressure gages in which known hydraulic pressures are generated by means of freely balanced (dead) weights loaded on a calibrated piston.


An instrument which makes a plot of pressure in the cylinder of an engine as a function of piston (or volume) displacement, making use of magnification by optical systems and photographic recording; for example, the small motion of a pressure diaphragm may be transmitted to a mirror to deflect a beam of light.


An instrument which automatically records pressure and temperature


An instrument which determines atmospheric pressure by measuring the height of a column of mercury which the atmosphere will support.


An instrument for collecting liquid water from the atmosphere; the collecting head is fabricated of a porous material having a pore size of the order of 30 micrometers; the pressure difference across the water-air interface prevents air from entering the capillary system while allowing free flow of water.

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