A device that responds to absolute pressure as the input and provides a measurable output of a nature different than but proportional to absolute pressure.

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  1. A circuit that keeps the output of a radio transmitter or other device essentially constant, even in the presence of large changes in the input amplitude. Abbreviated ALC. 2. In an automotive vehicle, a system in which two air-chamber shock absorbers in the rear are fed compressed air by an electric compressor; pressure in the air chambers is determined automatically by sensors to maintain the vehicle at a predetermined height regardless of load.


A device which enables an input signal to control power from a source independent of the signal and thus be capable of delivering an output which is greater than the input signal.


A logic device that inverts the input signal, so that the output is out of phase with the input.


A coupling device in which a light-emitting diode, energized by the input signal, is optically coupled to a photodetector such as a light-sensitive output diode, transistor, or silicon controlled rectifier. Also known as optical coupler; optical isolator; optically coupled isolator; optocoupler; optoelectronic isolator; photocoupler; photoisolator.


A device which uses a chemical change to measure the input parameter; the output is a varying electrical signal proportional to the measurand.


Distortion occurring in an amplifier or other device when the output amplitude is not a linear function of the input amplitude.


A voltage that appears in common at both input terminals of a device with respect to the output reference (usually ground).


The differential input voltage that must be applied to an operational amplifier to return the zero-frequency output voltage to zero volts, due to device mismatching at the input stage.


A device whose output is a function of the instantaneous input amplitude for a range of values lying between two predetermined limits but is approximately constant, at another level, for input values above the range.


A device used in analog computers that has two input signals and one output signal whose value is proportional to the integral of one of the input signals with respect to the other as long as this output signal does not exceed specified limits.

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