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The voltage between a cathode and accelerating electrode of an electron tube.

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An electrode array, used in lateral search or in logging, in which one current electrode and the other potential electrode are kept in proximity and traversed across the structure.


An electrode array used in a lateral search conducted during a resistivity or induced polarization survey, or in drill hole logging, in which one current electrode is placed at infinity while another current electrode and two potential electrodes in proximity are moved across the structure to be investigated.


An effect for which the breakdown voltage across a vacuum separating two electrodes, one of which is pointed, is much higher when the pointed electrode is the anode.


Transistor having a base electrode and both point-contact and junction electrodes.


An electronic voltmeter using a pH-responsive electrode that gives a direct conversion of voltage differences to differences of pH at the temperature of the measurement.


Of a transistor, an electrode from which a flow of minority carriers enters the interelectrode region.


1. An electrode through which charge carriers (holes or electrons) are forced to enter the high-field region in a spacistor. 2. An apparatus containing a nozzle in an actuating fluid which is accelerated and thus entrains a second fluid, so delivering the mixture against a pressure in excess of the actuating fluid. 3. A plug with a valved nozzle through which fuel is metered to the combustion chambers in dieselor full-injection engines. 4. A jet through which feedwater is injected into a boiler, or fuel is injected into a combustion chamber.


The voltage between a corroding metal and a reference electrode.


1. A positive electrode; the plate of a vacuum tube; the electrode of an electron tube through which a principal stream of electrons leaves the inter-electrode space. 2. The positive electrode of an electrochemical device, such as a primary or secondary cell, toward which the negative ions are drawn.


1. The electrode through which a primary stream of electrons enters the interelectrode space. 2. The general term for a negative electrode.

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