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Lighting whose direction, intensity, and pattern are controlled by commands or signals.

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The pattern to which the picks are set in a cutter chain.


In manufacturing circuit boards and integrated circuits, a process in which the etching pattern is placed over the circuit board or semiconductor material, the board or chip is placed in a special solution, and the assembly is exposed to light.


A type of globe valve having an inclined orifice that serves to reduce the disruption of the flow pattern of the working fluid.


A particular pattern of snow sampler having an internal diameter of 1.485 inches (3.7719 centimeters), so that each inch of water in the sample weighs 1 ounce (28.3495 grams).


1. A pattern or template used as a guide in construction. 2. A cavity which imparts its form to a fluid or malleable substance. 3. The metal part derived from the master by electroforming in reproducing disk recordings; has grooves similar to those of the recording.


A pattern of powder flow occurring in hoppers that is characterized by the powder flowing at every point, including points adjacent to the hopper wall.


A thin member made of reinforced concrete, metal, or wood that is joined with similar members in an overlapping pattern to form an arch or a vault.


A pattern formed by two or more families of intersecting hyperbolas


A pattern formed by two or more families of intersecting lines, such as that pattern formed by two or more families of hyperbolas representing, for example, curves of equal time difference associated with a hyperbolic radionavigation system. Sometimes the term pattern is used to indicate curves of equal time difference, with the term lattice being used to indicate its representation on the chart. See also PATTERN, definition.


The portion of the overall radiation pattern of a directional antenna which is contained within a region bounded by adjacent minima. The main beam is the beam in the lobe containing the direction of maximum radiation (main lobe) lying within specified values of field strength relative to the maximum field strength.

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