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That point in bacterial action in the body of a sewage sludge or compost heap where both aerobic and anaerobic microorganisms participate, and the decomposition of the material goes no further.

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A solventextraction device in which centrifugal action enhances liquid-liquid contact and increases resultant separation efficiency.


A device for the mechanical movement of another device (such as a valve stem) whose action is controlled by variations in pneumatic pressure connected to the controller.


Having positive photoconductivity, hence increasing in conductivity (decreasing in resistance) under the action of light; selenium ordinarily has photopositivity.


Having negative photoconductivity, hence decreasing in conductivity (increasing in resistance) under the action of light; selenium sometimes exhibits photonegativity.


A device consisting essentially of a stopwatch, for estimating the distance of guns in action by measuring the interval between the flash and the arrival of the sound.


Friction that arises when atoms close to a surface are set into motion by the sliding action of atoms in an opposing surface, and the mechanical energy needed to slide one surface over the other is thereby converted to the energy of atomic lattice vibrations (phonons) and is eventually transformed into heat.


A device for moving fluids by the action of multiple, equally spaced rollers, which rotate and compress a flexible tube.


[DESENG] Ahand-operateddevice to cut and trim paper, consisting of a cutting blade bolted at one end to a ruled board; when the blade is drawn flush with the board, which has a metal strip at the cutting edge, a shearing action takes place which cuts the paper cleanly and evenly.


Contour cutting of material by the action of a reciprocating punch that takes repeated small bites as the work is passed beneath it.


A sorting operation in which mixtures of particles of mixed sizes, and often of different specific gravities, are separated into fractions by the action of a stream of fluid, usually water.

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