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An inhibitor incorporated into rubber during manufacturing to reduce the degrading effects of radiation.

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A cargo that contains an inhibitor.


A substance that slows or prevents such chemical reactions as corrosion or oxidation.


Substance added in small quantities to a petroleum product to increase its oxidation resistance, thereby lengthening its service or storage life; also called anti-oxidant. An oxidation inhibitor may work in one of these ways: (1) by combining with and modifying peroxides (initial oxidation products) to render them harmless, (2) by decomposing the peroxides, or (3) by rendering an oxidation catalyst inert.


A chemical used as an inhibitor in relation with caustic embrittlement.


The process of cleaning the interior surfaces of steam-generating units by filling the unit with a dilute acid accompanied by an inhibitor to prevent corrosion and by subsequently draining, washing, and neutralizing the acid by a further wash of alkaline water.


A type of corrosion inhibitor that appreciably changes the potential of a metal to a more noble (positive) value.

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