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A tank truck having a perforated spray bar and used for pumping hot bituminous material onto the surface of a road or driveway.

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A method for casting metals or forming thermoplastic resins in which the molten material solidifies in and conforms to the shape of the inner surface of a heated, rapidly rotating container.


The separation of two bonded materials, one or both of which are flexible, by stripping or pulling the flexible material from the mating surface at a 90 or 180 angle to the plane in which it is adhered.


A road or runway made of bituminous material which has little tensile strength and is therefore flexible.


  1. Surface material on a deck. 2. Separating explosive charges containing primers with layers of inert material to prevent passage of concussion.


A level indicator in which the material being monitored serves as the dielectric of a capacitor formed by a metal tank and an insulated electrode mounted vertically in the tank.


  1. A frame used in front of a television picture tube to conceal the rounded edges of the screen. 2. A thin sheet of metal or other material containing an open pattern, used to shield selected portions of a semiconductor or other surface during a deposition process. 3. A protective covering for the face or head in the form of a wire screen, a metal shield, or a respirator.


A type of tank roof (steel, plastic, sheet, or microballoons) which floats upon the surface of the stored liquid; used to decrease the vapor space and reduce the potential for evaporation.


Curing concrete, especially in pavements, by spraying a liquid material over the surface to form a solid, impervious layer which holds the mixing water in the concrete. Also known as membrane curing.


Applying material to the surface of a metal or ceramic by dipping into a liquid.


Liquid held by a tank or process vessel, with constant introduction of fresh material and counteracting withdrawal of held material to maintain a constant liquid level.

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