A gas phase introduced into a vessel above a liquid phase to prevent contamination of the liquid, reduce hazard of detonation, or to exert pressure on the liquid. Also known as cushion gas.

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Mechanical process vessel with wettable, high-surface area packing on which liquid droplets consolidate for gravity separation from a second phase (for example, gas or immiscible liquid).


The physical geometry exhibited by a multiphase flow in a conduit; for example, liquid occupying the bottom of the conduit with the gas phase flowing above, or a liquid phase with bubbles of gas.


The gas pressure at which a system is at its dew point, that is, the conditions of gas temperature and pressure at which the first dew or liquid phase occurs.


A vessel or system used to remove the liquid condensate or gasoline from the gas stream.


A separator that utilizes subatmospheric pressure to remove certain gases and liquids from another liquid because of their difference in vapor pressure.


A liquid, which has a saturated vapor pressure exceeding 2.8 bar absolute at 37.8°C and certain other substances specified in the Gas Codes.


A vertical, cylindrical pressure vessel in which two fluids contact each other and one fluid absorbs certain constituents from the other. An example is the contactor in a gas sweetening system, which uses amine to absorb hydrogen sulphide and carbon dioxide from raw natural gas.


Release of gas (vapor) from liquids by a reduction in pressure that allows the vapor to come out of the solution, so that the vapor can be removed from the system; differs from flash separation, in which the vapor and liquid are kept in contact.


The gas volume flow rate, relative to the total liquid volume flow rate (oil and water), all volumes converted to volumes at standard pressure and temperature.


High-surface area packing to consolidate liquid droplets for gravity separation from a second phase (for example, gas or immiscible liquid); packing must be wettable by the droplet phase; Berl saddles, Raschig rings, knitted wire mesh, excelsior, and similar materials are used.

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