The outer slide of a double-action power press; it is usually operated by toggles or cams.

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A machine that develops rotary power by directing a high-velocity fluid against blades mounted around the rim of a wheel. As a high-velocity fluid passes through a turbine, it pushes against the blades and causes the wheel to turn. The rotation of the wheel turns the axle, which drives the connected machinery.


The proposition that the rate of heat loss from a body by free convection is proportional to the fivefourths power of the difference between the temperature of the body and that of its surroundings.


The angular measure of the transverse section of a beam (usually in the main lobe) Lying within directions corresponding to specified values of field strength relative to the maximum (e.g., half field strength beam width and half power beam width). The beam width is usually measured in one or more specified planes contain- ing the axis of the beam.


Switch whic cuts off power to the equipment prime mover when the it's nears the final position.


A pyrheliometer consisting of two identical Manganin strips, one shaded, the other exposed to sunlight; an electrical current is passed through the shaded strip to raise its temperature to that of the exposed strip, and the electric power required to accomplish this is a measure of the solar radiation.


A device that converts hydraulic power into useful mechanical work by means of a tight-fitting piston moving in a closed cylinder.


In ice navigation, the act of an icebreaker at full power striking ice to break a track through it.


The jet through which the fuel is injected into the incoming air in the carburetor with rapid demand for increased power output.


A unit of power used to measure the power of evacuation of a vacuum pump, equal to the power associated with a leak rate of 1 centiliter per second at a pressure of 1 millitorr, or to approximately 1.33322 10 6 watt.


A hand or power tool consisting of a fine-toothed blade held in tension in a bowshaped frame; used for cutting metal, wood, and other hard materials.

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